Vessel dome fittings

Tank safety and cleaning systems are needed to help manage the flow of product, gasses or cleaning fluids in highly automated systems.

For a production without risk

How can overpressure or vacuum develop in a tank? For example, due to a faulty gas discharge or supply, filling or emptying process or simply due to improper operation.

You can never completely eliminate the risk but the resulting damage. Vessel dome fittings will protect tanks and production in the worst case.

One fitting, three functions:

  • Protection of the tanks against damage due to overpressure or vacuum
  • Tank cleaning
  • Control of gasses during the process

Like all Evoguard products, the vessel dome fittings stand out especially due to their clever design. They can be combined to suit the individual application. Intensive tests according to the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) have proven proper operation and cleanability of the fittings.

Overview of the technology:

  • Configuration according to product and process requirements
  • Selection of the modular component system
  • Compact unit
  • Cost savings
  • Easy installation and dismantling

Compose your perfect vessel dome fittings from the following modules:

Cleaning of the tank safety systems

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