Heat exchanger systems

for efficient product heating

The right heat exchanger for every application

The systems from Evoguard heat your products gently, ensuring microbiological safety and offering a high heat transfer performance.

In the standard version, the Evotube modules of the PW series are suitable for a wide range of products with different flow behavior, for example juices, dairy drinks, or plant-based drinks. They operate according to the "product/water" principle, their patented cross-twist tubes breaking up the laminar boundary layer in the product flow and thus ensuring high turbulence and efficient product treatment.

The universal Evotube U heat exchanger module is ideal for use in CIP systems but can just as easily be used for heating and cooling process water and for non-aseptic product applications. The advantage: a large heat exchanger surface ensures effective heat transfer. The module itself is extremely compact with dimensions of 2,097 millimeters in length.

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