Aseptic double seat valve MA

Aseptic double seat valve MA

Reliable separation in aseptic and sterile processes

- Safety when lifting the bottom valve disk with additional locking of the top valve disk

- Free cross-sectional areas in relation to the pipe diameter

- Tilted rinsing valve:

  •     To protect the bellows
  •     For optimum cleaning of the safety area

- Bellows with support:

  •     Reduced vibrations in the process
  •     Increased lifetime of the bellows

- Connections for leakage drain/bellows monitoring

- Actuator with integrated lift functions for:

  •     Fast cycle times and low air consumption
  •     Torsion-free lift motion of the valve disk
  •     Rotational decoupling between valve shaft and actuator

- The option to arrange for the use of a temperature sensor permits the monitoring of the temperature directly in the housing