Double seat mixproof valves M

Double seat mixproof valves M

Pressure-resistant separation

- Two valve disks working independently from one another, used for sealing between the pipe systems when in a closed position:

  •   Leakage-free switching
  •   Resistant to pressure blows up to min. 45 bar
  •   Liftable and rinsable design for cleaning the leakage chamber

- Screwed-on valve disk:

  •   Defined space for the sealing rings
  •   Easy assembly
  •   Seal resistant to seepage and rip-out

- Universally applicable seal for radial and axial sealing

- Design of the shaft seals similar to that of the seat valve

- The valve disks are sealed together directly in the product room and without a gap in between

- Actuator with integrated cycle function for fast cycle times and low air consumption